Groupe Présentation

Zhenghong International Education Group Limited (registration number: 1190555), English: Zhenghong International Education Group Co., Limited, Chinese abbreviation: Zhenghong International, English abbreviation: ZGI. In 2012, registered in China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, called: China Education Group Co., Ltd. is red, due to the viewing angle and the expansion of business, in 2016, it changed its name to: Zhenghong International Education Group Limited. Education is a commitment to the global elite international education group. Its organization has branches: the world is red school (registration number: 38687775-002) and the International Institute of Educational Sciences, and registered the "positive red world" international education brands, meanwhile, registered an independent legal personality of the "International Education Sciences Institute Group Limited "(registration number: 2297981) and its branch institution" international Institute of Education "(registration number: 65366273-001). Are red elite international global educational mission to the goal of education for the management mechanism, the establishment of an integrated design education, educational service one-stop education, mentoring contract education system, online and offline hereinafter rail Learning Model teaching system, and strict examination system, and social practice through advanced training and technology and management for various industries world enterprise culture and society for the benefit of both ability and integrity of the delivery of high-end talents.

L'enseignement Professionnel



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